11 of the Best Breweries in Montreal

by Local Food Bloggers and Food Instagrammers

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4. Randolph Fun Pub Quartier Latin ($$)

Recommended by wanderingbostoneater. Favorited by 218 people.

2041 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal

+1 514-419-5001

"Last Sunday when we were in Montreal, we had the good fortune of non-stop rain all day. In the morning, Jackie met these two guys over coffee at the hostel who eventually joined us at Randolph Pub Ludique. __ This location was recommended by one of her coworkers, my old coworker (the two of us used to work together). We learned that the establishment had 1500 games in their archives! It was a fun, casual game-bar with an assortment of board games and food alike. Perfect for a rainy day. __ I enjoy getting to know people, and strive to have conversations that are authentic, not always full of BS or mind games. In a world consumed by instant gratification and social media, I find solace to disengage and genuinely get to know the people around me, with hopes that maybe people will want to get to know me, too. (Is it ironic that I am writing about this on a social media platform?) __ I find that, when traveling, I am at my most vulnerable and exposed, as I do not have to keep my guard up with the fear of pre-determined judgments, and I am able to immerse myself in the atmosphere which surrounds me. I struggle to find that same sense of vulnerability in Boston at times. Maybe it's because I have been here all of my life. __ I digress. This was a deep thought attached to a photo of mac and cheese that Jackie and I indulged in moments before those guys from the hostel met up with us, enjoyed some games with us, and with whom we conversed about where we are in our lives. __ [Bacon Mac and Cheese at @randolphmontreal] 📍 Montreal; Quebec, Canada #wanderingbostoneater" - wanderingbostoneater
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